Calcium supplementation during pregnancy can reduce hypertension, eclampsia, neonatal mortality and pre-term birth

Hypertension in pregnancy is one of the leading causes of maternal morbidity and mortality. Many studies have demonstrated an inverse association between the intake of calcium and the development of gestational hypertension.

Data was pooled from 10 randomized controlled trials. The doses of calcium given ranged from 0.5g/day to 2g/day. Supplementation began 32 weeks into pregnancy at the latest. The women in the studies (n=11405) were mainly of Asian, South American and African descent.

Calcium supplementation during pregnancy led to a significant 45% reduction of gestational hypertension, a 59% reduced risk of eclampsia, a reduction in neonatal mortality and reduced the risk of pre-term birth. Thus calcium supplementation during pregnancy may be beneficial to both the mother and infant as it can reduce hypertension, eclampsia, neonatal mortality and pre-term birth.

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