Due Date Calculation Result

To make the calculation, you need to enter the first day of your last menstrual period.

Pregnancy due date calculator

Last menstrual period

While technically you’re not pregnant at this stage, the date is used by health professionals to mark the start of your pregnancy.

0 weeks


Your baby will be conceived around the time of ovulation, which is roughly 2 weeks after your last menstrual period in most women. A new life has been created and will start to grow and develop in our uterus.

2 weeks

Positive pregnancy test

At this stage, home pregnancy tests can determine if you are pregnant. However, home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, so whether the result was positive or negative, it can be confirmed by a visit to the doctors.

4 weeks

Baby’s heart beat

Your baby’s heart is one of the first organs to function. You may be able to hear the heartbeat through a Doppler ultrasound at your first antenatal appointment.

10 weeks

Announce pregnancy

Many expectant mothers choose to announce their pregnancy after the first trimester is over. It’s hard keeping this big news a secret, so reaching this date will be a huge relief. Finally you can blurt out to friends and family "I’m pregnant!" or you may opt to plan something extravagant.

14 weeks

Boy or Girl?

Are you going to buy pink or blue baby clothes? Your baby’s gender can be discovered in the second trimester ultrasound. You can choose at this point to find out if you will have a boy or a girl or keep it a surprise for the big day.

16 weeks

Kick off time!

Around this time, your baby may be more active with stronger movements, leading to the baby’s first kick of your tummy. If they haven’t yet, people will want to rub your growing belly!

18 weeks

Your baby is now full term

Although 3 weeks away from the due date, your baby is considered full term and fully developed. So you may want to clear your schedule from this point forward as the baby is not far away.

37 weeks

Your baby’s due date

Bare in mind only a few women actually give birth on their due date. Expect to at least give birth 2 weeks either side of this date. Congratulations on reaching the end of your pregnancy and bringing a life into this world!

40 weeks