How Procare can benefit: Your baby’s health and development

How Procare can benefit: Your baby’s health and development

How nutrients can benefit:

  • Central & peripheral nervous system
  • Cell, tissue and organ development
  • Eye development and vision
  • Bone development
  • Transport system/cardiovascular health
  • Immune health



Central & peripheral nervous system


In the first few months of pregnancy, the neural tube is formed which will eventually develop into the nervous system. This is a very crucial stage as the key structures of the nervous system depend on the neural tube forming perfectly. Procare contains folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 which ensure that cells divide, migrate and differentiate correctly to form the delicate neural tube. A maternal diet deficient in these vitamins, in particular folic acid can increase the risk of the neural tube not forming properly leading to neural tube defects, where the brain and spinal cord are not formed in a position to function properly. The effects can be so severe it threatens the immediate survival of the unborn child. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that women should supplement their diet with 400µg (0.4mg) of folic acid daily. Starting folic acid supplementation before conception offers the best chance to reduce the risk of neural tube defects as you need to allow some time for your body to adapt to the extra supply.



The development of the brain (and nervous system) requires iron, iodine and B-group vitamins to ensure that nerve cells are developed and functioning properly as well as the chemical messengers of the nervous system (neurotransmitters). If the maternal diet is deficient in these particular nutrients it can increase the risk of neurological impairment resulting in brain damage, mental retardation, cognitive defects and psychosocial, learning and behavioural disabilities. Supplementation of these nutrients can reduce the risk of these problems developing in your baby and support healthy mental development. Procare contains iron, iodine and B-group vitamins to support and benefit your child’s neurological development during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.
Procare also contains tuna oil comprising of the essential omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are vital for brain development. DHA is essential for creating brain cells during pregnancy, then establishing connections between brains cells after birth. Benefits of your baby obtaining a good DHA and EPA supply include better attention, concentration, learning, cognition, motor skills, memory and behaviour, with a lower risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, stress and aggressive behaviour. Higher EPA levels have been linked to mood regulation and a lower risk of children developing depression. The tuna oil in Procare undergoes strict quality processes to comply with health regulatory authorities. Thus the tuna oil in Procare offers one of the safest options for pregnant/breastfeeding women to obtain their daily omega-3 fatty acids.
Providing the right nutrients such as DHA, EPA, iron, iodine and B-group vitamins to support brain development have many more benefits than simply increasing your child’s IQ. Our brains controls how we think, reason, make judgments, interact with people, solve problems, process information, understand emotions and coordinate with other organs and senses. So whether your child ends up being a doctor, a business-savvy entrepreneur, a professional athlete, a famous musician/artist or fantastic mother or father, they will be offered the best chance to achieve that dream when brain development is optimized during the crucial stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding (early infancy).

Cell, tissue & organ development

Nutrients provide benefits that support general growth and development as they’re required for cell division, production, migration and differentiation as well as the maintenance of cell health, integrity, metabolism and function, DNA and RNA synthesis and protein and fatty acid formation. Procare contains B group vitamins, vitamins C, D and E, magnesium, zinc, iron and omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA which are all required to ensure that cells, tissues, organs and therefore systems develop properly so that they may function properly. Deficiencies in these nutrients can result in congenital defects and other unwanted outcomes. Studies have shown that supplementation of these nutrients can reduce the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight. Low birth weight and preterm birth are indications that tissue, organs and systems are underdeveloped thus may not be functioning at full capacity. Newborns may require assistance for functioning survival or develop various complications and problems in the underdeveloped systems. These nutrients are required during egg, zygote, embryo, fetal and infant development, thus supplementation can benefit all three periods.

Eye development & vision

Procare contains nutrients that support eye development which can provide many benefits in visual function. Eyes are complex organs composed of specialized cells and a network of nerves that communicate with the brain for vision processing. Proper formation and development of the visual system relies on the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, as well as retinol (vitamin A or betacarotene) and B vitamins, B1 and B2. If the visual system is wired correctly during pregnancy, they will begin the path towards functioning as one of our most used senses. During infancy (breastfeeding) the eyes slowly adapt to the new environment developing visual recognition, distinguishing shapes, colours, depth and contrast. An excellent nutrient supply during this time will provide many benefits to strengthen eye sight and possibly reduce the effects of poor visual development which can persist long-term if not corrected.

Bone development

Procare contains nutrients that are beneficial for bone formation. At the start of fetal development, your baby will begin the process of forming bones. This requires calcium as the main mineral deposit but also relies heavily on vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B12 and C to ensure bones not only form correctly, but also strong and rigid. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, calcium can be removed from your bones to form your baby’s bones; however the process of moving calcium and depositing it correctly relies on an excellent supply of the other nutrients mentioned above. Low levels of these nutrients can lead to weak, brittle bones forming and in severe cases can causes malformations that can remain detrimental if the deficiencies are not addressed. Bone development starts towards the end of trimester one and will continue until your child completes puberty. Calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B12 and C will benefit your baby’s bone development as these nutrients all support the formation of strong bones as well as teeth.

Transport system/cardiovascular health

At the beginning of pregnancy, your blood volume increases and the demand for more red blood cells increase to form the placental and fetal circulation. A healthy, developed circulatory transport system is vital to your baby’s development and survival as it acts as its only supply of nutrients and oxygen. To do this your body will require an adequate storage of iron, which is needed to produce haemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen through the bloodstream. An increase in vitamins B6 and B12 are also required to increase the production of red blood cells. Procare taken before and during pregnancy provides iron, vitamins B6 and B12, nutrients which support the growing circulatory system that nourishes your baby. Deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to anaemia which means your baby may not receive enough oxygen and nutrients for proper development, increasing the risk of intrauterine growth restriction. Procare also contains vitamin C and betacarotene, two nutrients that can improve iron absorption.

Immune health

The strength or your child’s immune system is influenced by development. Procare provides essential nutrients that are beneficial to a developing immune system. A strong immune system will help your child overcome illness and reduce their susceptibility to infections. The immune system contains many different types of cells, proteins, pathways and organs, each with specialized functions. Together they form immune responses that fight off pathogens. The production and differentiation of these cells, proteins and structures rely on an adequate supply of B group vitamins as well as vitamins C and D, zinc, iron and the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. After birth, the developing immune system is put to the test as it is exposed to bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Your poor little baby will get sick a lot during their first year, but it is an important process to build the strength and memory of the immune system. In addition the immune system must establish tolerance, the ability to distinguish between harmful foreign material (eg. germs) from non-harmful foreign material (eg. food). Poorly developed immune tolerance can lead to allergies, atopic and autoimmune diseases. With a good supply of these nutrients it gives your baby a strong fighting chance to overcome the many encounters with germs throughout their life. Supplementation of EPA and DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding has shown to reduce the incidence of allergies, asthma, eczema and respiratory infections in infants.

Summary Table:

When nutrients of Procare are needed for benefits

Benefit Nutrients Before During After
Central & peripheral nervous system (formation) Folic acid, vitamins B6 & B12
Central & peripheral nervous system (development) Iron, Iodine, B-group vitamins, DHA & EPA
Cells, tissues and organ development Vitamins B, C, D & E, folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, DHA & EPA
Eye development and vision Betacarotene, vitamins B1 & B2, DHA & EPA, vitamin E
Bone development Calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin C
Transport system/cardiovascular health Iron, vitamins B6 & B12
Immune health Iron, B-group vitamins, vitamin C & D, DHA & EPA, zinc


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