Low maternal vitamin B-12 levels are linked to excessive infant crying

The authors postulated that excessive infant crying (defined as ≥3 hrs/day) may be influenced by maternal nutrition status in early fetal development. Analysis was performed on over 2000 women for vitamin B-12 and folate status. Low vitamin B-12 was associated with excessive infant crying even after adjusting for maternal age, ethnicity, education, smoking and any psychological problems. Vitamin B-12 concentrations of less than 251.2ρg/mL were associated with a 3.9 fold increased likelihood of excessive infant crying compared to serum vitamin B-12 concentrations of over 424.9ρg/mL in pregnancy. However, there was no link between folate concentration and excessive infant crying. There may be two ways in which vitamin B-12 in pregnancy may affect infant crying; through methionine-homocysteine metabolism and/or through the maturation of the sleep-wake rhythm.

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Goedhart, G., et al., Maternal vitamin B-12 and folate status during pregnancy and excessive infant crying. Early Hum Dev, 2011. 87(4): p. 309-14.