Multiple micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy reduces small for gestational age (SGA) births

17 studies were included in this review. The authors found a significant reduction of 9% (RR: 0.91, CI: 0.86-0.96) in SGA births in the multiple micronutrient group as compared to the group that only took iron-folate.  However, upon further analysis, this reduction was only significant in women with a mean BMI of at least 22kg/m2, which is still a significant proportion of the pregnant population. There was no significant increase in the risk of neonatal mortality when birthing occurred in an appropriate facility. Hence using multiple micronutrient supplements during pregnancy may be more beneficial in reducing SGA births than using just iron-folate.

Haider, B.A., M.Y. Yakoob, and Z.A. Bhutta, Effect of multiple micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy on maternal and birth outcomes. BMC Public Health, 2011. 11 Suppl 3: p. S19.