Foods to make him more fertile

Foods to make him more fertile

Preconception health for him

Making a baby takes two to tango, so while you are doing everything you can to become more fertile, there is still one other factor, your partner’s fertility. Men can be quite stubborn when the quality of their sperm is put into question, so it’s not an easy conversation to bring up. But in fact, around 35% of infertility cases are caused by problems with the male sperm. So what can you do without upsetting his feelings? If you prepare his menu on a daily basis, then you can subtly sneak in these foods below which are beneficial to sperm health and might go a long way into improving your chances…all without him even knowing about it!

Procare as pre-pregnancy supplement

Procare can be used while women are trying to conceive, not just whilst pregnant. It contains important vitamins and minerals that are not only important for women preparing to have children. This article describes how the ingredients of Procare can benefit women trying to conceive, like folic acid, which should be taken before pregnant to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

Procare as a breastfeeding supplement

Procare can be used after pregnancy as an important breastfeeding supplement for mothers. The nutrient requirements of many vitamins and minerals increase after pregnancy as they are required to make quality breast milk for infants to continue growth and development. This article looks at why these nutrients are important and how Procare can benefit breastfeeding mothers and their babies.