The effect of prenatal omega-3 fatty acid on visual memory function in school-aged children

This was a longitudinal cohort study looking at the effect of prenatal omega-3 fatty acid and DHA in infant cord blood to memory function in the same children around the age of 11 years. The study involved 154 participants and found that those with the highest DHA cord blood levels had the shortest FN400 latency periods, thus they were most familiar with having seeing the same objects, and the greatest LPC amplitude, meaning they were able to actively recollect the old stimulus in memory.
Thus prenatal DHA intake may have long term benefits on child memory function.

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Boucher, O., et al., Neurophysiologic and neurobehavioral evidence of beneficial effects of prenatal omega-3 fatty acid intake on memory function at school age. Am J Clin Nutr, 2011. 93(5): p. 1025-37.