Vitamin D, infection and premature birth

A study looked at microbial colonization of the placenta (common with bacterial vaginosis) and premature birth since infections and inflammatory stimuli are a common cause of this burden that affects 1 in 10 pregnancies.
In his letter to the editor, Grant suggests that vitamin D may have a role to play in bacterial vaginosis since it is implicated in the immune system as it can induce cathelicins and defensins. This can reduce the risk of bacterial infections, including dental caries and pneumonia. For these positive effects to occur, a serum concentration of 30-40ng/mL of vit D was recommended. Further studies will be needed to study the effect of vitamin D on infection and preterm delivery.

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Grant, W.B., Adequate vitamin D during pregnancy reduces the risk of premature birth by reducing placental colonization by bacterial vaginosis species. MBio, 2011. 2(2): p. e00022-11.